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Welcome to the Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA) Wiki, where existing and prospective lenders and vendors can find news and information about the Small Business Administration (SBA)’s 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program and Secondary Market.

Bookmark this site and visit regularly to receive program updates including policy and procedural changes, connect with customer support, access informational and training materials, and log into the Capital Access Financial System (CAFS) to complete loan origination, servicing, 1502 reporting, and other 7(a) program functions.

The FTA is currently transitioning, and when the transition is complete in late summer 2021, this website will replace the existing Colson Services FTA webpage.

Stay tuned – more information is coming soon!

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Program Information

Between August 2 and August 13: Establish a CAFS Account: A CAFS Account is required for each individual in your organization in order to access the applications and data required to do business with the SBA. Between August 13 and August 20: Add or Update Contact Information to the Partner Information Management System (PIMS) within CAFS: Moving forward, PIMS will be the SBA’s master database for capture, maintenance, and use of contact information for ALL participants of the 7(a) loan program including Lenders, Lender Service Providers (LSPs), Pool Assemblers, Brokers / Dealers, and Investors.

July 23, 2021

On August 30th, 2021, payments made to and from the Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA) for the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 7a loan guarantee program will transition from Colson Services Corp. to Guidehouse. Guidehouse has elected Wells Fargo Bank NA (Wells Fargo) as a banking partner to administer and provide banking logistics for the FTA on behalf of SBA. As a result, FTA bank account information will change.

July 21, 2021

As an SBA Lender or Lender Service Provider (LSP), the following information is critical for your understanding of changes to the 1502 reporting process. As previously notified, the FTA is in a state of transition as the 7(a) Loan Program applications, systems, and data, are migrated from the existing FTA, Colson Services to the incoming FTA, Guidehouse. The following resources have been published to the Wiki for your review and planning: • 1502 One-Pager: A Brief Overview of What is Changing • 1502 Gateway Guide: Step-by-Step Instructions for Access, Submission and Reporting • 1502 FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions In order to access the new 1502 Gateway, you’ll need an active Capital Access Financial System (CAFS) account.

July 16, 2021

Background: The Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA) of the 7(a) Loan Program is changing from Colson Services to Guidehouse. The incoming FTA was contracted by SBA to support a migration of 7(a) program systems and applications to SBA’s Capital Access Financial System (CAFS). The migration will improve security, integration, and the user experience with a single-sign-on (SSO) for all program functions, real-time reporting capabilities, and improved reporting features and validation to improve accuracy. The migration of systems is projected to be complete by August 30, 2021. Impact: For secondary market applications such as LoanLIST, PSU Online, Settlements Express, and Trading Factor Pages, the only change that users will experience is the requirement to access these applications via CAFS. The data currently contained within these applications will be a part of the overall migration and will be available after cutover.

July 16, 2021

1502 Transition Timeline: A detailed deck that provides step-by-step instructions on 1502 Gateway access, submission, and reporting will be made available via email and on the FTA Wiki in the coming days. Submission: 1502 Dashboard and 1502 Connection will be retired and replaced by 1502 Gateway within CAFS for both loan entry and 1502 standard excel (.xlsx) worksheet upload. Physical submission (mail, fax) as well as email submission will no longer be available. Payments will be sent to the incoming FTA’s Financial Agent Wells Fargo, NOT to Colson. Account information will be provided in a subsequent communication. If you have any specific questions, please contact the new FTA Customer Service Team at

July 1, 2021